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Mutual coexistence and harmonious development

Dear investors, Dear customers at home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen, friends:

Asia-Pacific has gone through more than a decade, and we all know, ten years is not spent in a flat, but hardships spent.

Asia-Pacific people have not only contrived struggle and the grim international economic situation, financial situation, but also the domestic market economic reform in difficult situation to fight.

Especially in recent years, the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, and the resulting contact the European debt crisis and the accompanying localized country's domestic political turmoil situation, such as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia war, the war in Iraq, the Libyan war. The root of the economic and political situation, and oil and petroleum products must make prices reflect these turbulent, making the film industry, coating industry development difficult, but also makes the the domestic raw account for a large proportion of imports particles OEM processing tradables market volatility.
This allows us to trade environment is not optimistic.

In the domestic economic structure and economic landscape of the coastal and inland, eastern and western is not entirely the domestic prices of petroleum products is also very inconsistent, so higher demands on the company's internal and external trade of the flexibility and maneuverability.
generated for the company's profit model affect the abyss.

However, we firmly rely on the majority of investors and customers, aggressive and hard work.
Quality win-win category, service to win, until the formation of the final price advantage, stable market share.

The same time, we actively explore the global market, time to market, as is our lifeline, in the maritime business under the premise of a certain size and quantity, increase investment in railway transportation customers, to achieve the dual customer base of maritime and rail transport.

In order to better understand the needs of the guests and the actual product, we do not begrudge sent another batch of technical and sales personnel, active throughout the year in the factory around the globe guests. Do not begrudge offices opened one after another, to zero distance service customers.
To expect from the geographical, commercial without interruption from the time, every minute connection.

Answer all of these are companies on the market.
Are Asia Pacific assiduous, not neglect.

Ambition there, the economic sea sail around the world, the Asia-Pacific people will redouble their efforts and forge ahead, to glory!