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Product No:22519-325
Was Price:1.9Dollar/ROLLS Now Price:1.8Dollar/ROLLS
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

BOPP Film (Biaxial-Oriented Polypropylene Film)

BOPP film is the morest & important popular plastic packaging material in modern times. It is widely used in packaging industry ,such as printing, lamination and Aluminium metallization .Also there are lots production lines of BOPP film all over the world ,As the largest developing market---China market , which has more than 200 BOPP lines . As one of the largest manufacturer of BOPP film , we warmly welcome you come to us for cooperation and place your order to us .

BOPP film (Biaxial-oriented Polypropylene film) production line consists of casting
sheet extrusion, biaxial orientation, after treatment, rolling, cutting, and automatic
control. It can produce BOPP films of various specifications and stable dimensions,
with good mechanical and electrical performances, good heat resistance, cold resistance
and gastightness.
BOPP film featuring its thickness , differenct thickness have its own applications , We could manufacture 5 items of BOPP film base on the thickness . Additionally , BOPP film also featuring 4 prominent data : shrinkage , heat sealable , corona treated ,transparent and so forth .
1. 3UM (Microns) -12UM( Micron) BOPP film for capacitor use .
1.) Capacitor Polypropylene Film for Type M-PP/S-PP (4um--12um)
2.) Capacitor Polypropylene Rough Film Type RPP/RRPP (6um --18um)

2. 15UM (Microns) -52UM (Microns) plain BOPP film for printing & lamination .

1.) 12UM BOPP glossy film and 15UM BOPP matte film
2.) Plain tape-grade BOPP film with corona treated .(thickness :23-28 microns)
3.) Plain bag-grade BOPP film with corona treated.(thickness :30-45 microns)

18UM( Micron) -37UM( Micron) heat sealable BOPP film .
1.) Single(one) side heat sealable BOPP film with corona treated .(thickness :18-52 microns)
2.) Double(two) sides heat sealable BOPP film with corona treated.(thickness :18-52 microns)

BOPP cigarette (or tobacco) packaging film for hard/soft packs 
1.) Plain BOPP cigarette film with heat sealable .(thickness : 21-22 microns)
2.) Half-shrinkage BOPP cigarette film with heat sealable (thickness: 20-21 microns)
3.) High-shrinkage BOPP cigarette film with heat sealable (thickness :20-21 microns)

BOPP pearlized film. (thickness: 25-40 microns)
BOPP matte film with inner side matte and two sides corona treated.(thickness :12,15,18 microns)
BOPP flower film (BOPP foil or BOPP paper or superclear cellophane) in mini-roll,sheets and sleeves .

Use BOPP basic film ,there are following popular BOPP-based coated films widely in common use . BOPP film coated water based acrylic adhesive ,EVA ,PVDC,Acrylic and so on.
(thickness:35-65 microns)
1.) BOPP adhesive industry packaging tape . 
2.) BOPP gloss/matte thermal laminating film .(thickness: 25-35 microns) 3.) PVDC coating film 4.) Acrylic coating film

1.) VM-OPP (metallized BOPP film) in plain BOPP and hest sealable BOPP. ( thickness:15-35 microns ).

1.) BOPP tear tape (thickness: 18-35 microns)
2.) BOPP laser film . (thickness: 15-40 microns)
3.) 3.) PP tear clips

As we know ,Parameter of BOPP film including: Thickness,Width,Length, Inner core( paper tube) diameter , Outer diameter,Package requirement,Application, and so forth .

As one of the largest professionally specialized BOPP manufacturers in China, we will do our best to meet your multi-demands.