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Velvet Soft-touch film EVA adhesive coating
Product Name:Velvet Soft-touch film EVA adhesive coating

Product No:223845-608
Was Price:5Dollar/ Now Price:5Dollar/
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited
Soft-touch film with EVA adhesive coating
 Tactile membrane (SoftTouch Film), is a latest research results from the European BOPP laminating film special. This patented technology has the film factory, only production of BOPP film products, and has over 20 years of professional experience. Is a surface with special velvet smooth, delicate touch of BOPP matte film.
Categories Folding
Depending on the coating method can be divided into CM017WE not touch the film adhesive film (Wet), CM035EA pre-coated hot melt adhesive film (Thermal), as well as pre-coated hot melt adhesive film with digital printing three.
Features contrast fold
Tactile membrane (SoftTouch Film) compared with the general Asian film, tactile membrane (SoftTouch Film), has the following four characteristics:
1. has a good abrasion (ANTI-SCRATCH) performance;
2. Excellent color, hue is not lost after the fit, the more bright and pastel on black and red with dark field or large full version;
3. There is a special smooth as velvet, delicate touch;
4. high fog, there are more special matt effect.
Compared with the new touch membrane touch paper
The new film and paper touch after touch fitting can be achieved with paper-haptic effects; but in the adaptability and characteristic features, can bring more results. Include the following:
1. The new film can touch any surface with a smooth fit paper, coated paper or uncoated paper, culture paper or long staple fibers cultural paper, colored paper or printing paper, which can be used as basis for the composite end paper,
2. The new tactile membrane attached together before the end of the paper can be in any way an ordinary four-color offset printing, flexo, gravure, letterpress, screen printing or digital inkjet printing, there is no restriction on the printed pattern, you can also fit after in the new touch membrane surface bronzing, local polishing, screen printing, UV printing and other post-processing technology, in bookbinding or carton forming process can also play a role in better protection.
3. The new velvet touch surface of the membrane tactile effects, smoother than the touch paper come. Delicate, by contrast, it seems to be rather dry touch paper. In addition, if fingerprints are on the surface of infected, new tactile membrane can be easily wiped off with water.
Purpose Folding
In the film's use of touch, using hot lamination or coating after drying water-based glue lamination technology, the new film is bonded to touch the paper surface, so as to achieve a smooth soft-touch feel special, and has a high transparency, ensuring no blind spots in lost after lamination. This technology is suitable for luxury boxes, Advanced Book covers, paper products and other brands. In art printing industry widely used.
is designed to offer soft tactility velvet touch to printed substrate. It can be attached to any surface smooth paper printed by various printing types. Its velvet surface is suitable for UV spot coating, foil stamping to enhance its aesthetic look.
General Applications
·High-value Packaging
·User manuals
·Promotion stuff
Usage Method
1) for laminating soft-touch film
Laminating temperature: 120 ℃ ~130 ℃
2) for glue-coating soft-touch film
Check the gloss surface energy to insure that it is suitable for glue coating. Choose suitable glue and flatten the film to get perfect attaching effect.
Film handling It is strictly prohibited to roll film with tilting angle or make the film contact with hard objects.
Storage conditions The film should be overhead laying and stored in ventilating and dry place with temperature below 35 ℃and relative humidity lower than 60%; Keep the film away from sources of heat.
Shelf life 6 months
Surface treatment The surface energy may decrease because of inappropriate storage or out of shelf-life. Corona treatment can be employed to make the surface suitable for use.
Technical Data
Testing method
Thickness / μm
GB/T 6672
White spot / 33cm*33cm
≤5( Φ0.3-0.5mm);
Count with naked eyes after the soft-touch film attached to paper
No damage to coating
Loading 125g,abrasing 60 times with soft testing rubber
Ethyl alcohol durability
No damage to coating
Loading 75g,abrasing 200 times with Alcohol cotton covered metal
Tensile strength / Mpa
Breaking elongation / %
No peeling off
Hundred lattice method
Surface energy / Dyn
Gloss surface≥32
Matt surface≥40