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Ciagrette adhesive tear tape
Product Name:Ciagrette adhesive tear tape

Product No:222929-136
Was Price:5Dollar/ Now Price:5Dollar/
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

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One company (anhui eastern communication) offer tear tape products to the world market sufficiently.

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BOPP BOPET cigarette tear tape tear strip  Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18000 

BOPP/BOPET self adhesive tear tape lines were for packing/opening of cigarette packs and other packs. it was 
self adhesive tear tape.  tear tape have BOPP tear tape, BOPET tear tape,cigarette tear tape,self adhesive tear tape,and other non 
cigarette usage tear tapes Various sizes for adhesive tear tape:
a) Thickness of tear tape: 25-40UM b) Width of tear tape rolls: 1.6mm-6.0mm
c) Length of tear tape rolls: 5,000m-70,000m
2) Printing design: a) Color printing of tear tape rolls: gold, single gold, single silver, full solid red, 
yellow,white,black, etc. b) Logo printing of tear tape rolls: ink printing logo, laser, holographic effect
3.) Packing for of tear tape rolls: Cartons (16rolls/carton)
4.) others: anti-counterfeiting tear tape,lightness beam laser labels,water-transfer boardpaper,super crystal 
brightness cigarette tipping paper

Adhesive tear tape sizes: 

1.) clear tear tape with size:  1.6MM*10,000M , 1.8MM*10,000M, 2.0MM*10,000M, 2.5MM*10,000M, 3.0MM*10,000M, 3.5MM*10,000M, 5.0MM*10,000M, 8.0MM*10,000M

Length also can be: 5,000M,6,000M,12,000M, 18,000M 24,000M 36,000M,75,000M,120,000M 

inner core: 1" 3" 6" 

Per roll net weight: 0.72KGS/roll ( size:1.6MM*10,000M ) 

Per roll Gross weight: 0.86KGS/roll ( size:1.6MM*10,000M ) 

2. ) Gloden tear tape with size: Same as above

3.) Silver laser tear tape  with size: Same as above

4.) Laser lace tear tape with size: 3.0MM*10,000M, 3.5MM*10,000M, 5.0MM*10,000M, 8.0MM*10,000M

5.) Printed buyer's logos of tear tape   ( Such as: buyer's own country's lanaguage, buyer's nominaed brand , buyer's nominated flower designs and so on..)

6.) Laser silver buyer's logos of tear tape ( Such as: buyer's own country's lanaguage, buyer's nominaed brand and so on..)

7.) Full color tear tape ( such as: full red tear tape, full black tear tape, full yellowish tear tape , full white tear tape and other colors..)

8.) Huge siz:  4mm*20000m, 1.6mm*75000m -  bobbins, 1.6mm*12000m -  bobbins, 1.6mm*100000m -  bobbins

9.) Other's 

2. Usage: It is widely used in packaging cigarette packets and other boxes.


3. Technology data: 



5. Packing: carton and pallets (use cartons and kraft paper and bobble film to packing as inner package, and use pallets and wood board to packing as outer package)


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