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BOPET polyester film 4.2microns
Product Name:BOPET polyester film 4.2microns

Product No:213023-893
Was Price:2Dollar/ Now Price:2Dollar/
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

BOPET polyester film 4.2microns

BOPET Film for Thermal Transfer Ribbons type TTR

1、 Characteristics

It is stretched in biaxial orientation by mean of flat film method by using

imported polyethylene terephthalate in electrical grade. With good mechanical

properties, and thermal characteristics, it has excellent engineering properties

in coating process.

2、 Applications

As a kind of substrate, it is widely applied to a variety of bar code printing,

advertising banner printing, label printing, photo printing and other industries.

3、 Specifications

Size(μm) WMV(μm) MMV(μm) Test method

4.0 4.0±0.1 4.2±4%



4.3 4.3±0.1 4.5±4%

4.5 4.5±0.1 47±4%

Width of the finished film



700±2, 910±2,1010±2 oras customer’s requirement


Inner diameter (D0) mm Φ152.4

picture Outer diameter (D) mm 350-550

Note:For special specifications, please discuss with us separately.

4、Thickness Representation

The nominal value of the film thickness is indicated by the central value

(integer value, such as 3,5,7,10,15) of film thickness plus mantissa (one point after

decimal point) or its code. Our nominal value for BOPET film thickness is represented

in WMV.